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If you have great communication skills, are detail oriented, super organized, are a team player, a self-starter and preferably able to speak English and Spanish, YOU are exactly what Green Realty is looking for!  Call us today to join one of the most amazing real estate brands in South Florida – Green Realty Properties®! 954-667-7253 or you can email us at



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Homes For Sale in Laurel Oaks, Davie, FL



Green Realty Properties’ Patty Da Silva is Laurel Oaks Leading Luxury Listing Broker. View Photos of one of Patty’s Laurel Oaks Listings Here:

Also read one of Patty Da Silva’s recent reviews:  Patty Da Silva and her team at Green Realty Properties is exactly what you are looking for when listing your home!

I interviewed 3 different realtors from Davie/Weston area. When I first interviewed Patty, she promoted herself as providing excellent service, putting her client first and an expert in marketing our house to sell. Honestly, I was not sure how to differentiate between the 3 realtors and took a few weeks to consider my options. But Patty was persistent, not pesty, she followed up with a postcard, and a friendly phone call or two to remind me she was there. Because she was persistent and kept emphasizing her marketing skills as a realtor, I chose her. I was still uncertain if I made the right choice, but I wanted someone who would not forget about me once they got the listing, and since she was persistent in reaching out to me, I was hopeful.

Truly, my husband and I were blown away by her honesty, marketing genius, and service to us throughout the selling process. I can’t believe I am even writing a review, as I have never written any service provider a review before! She was everything she claimed to be and more!!

Right away she ran with it. After much discussion and her taking into consideration our own evaluation of our house and neighborhood value, we came to an agreement on the sale price. She gave us her honest opinions, but let us determine what we felt was best. She had photos completed within a day or two and listed us right away on the MLS.

Her listing blew away all the other local listings! For one, her photos of our house were amazing! They were beautiful and completely stood out among all the other houses in the area. Comparatively, most other realtor’s photos I saw were dingy, brownish, dark and did not “sell” the house. Patty’s photos were STUNNING! They highlighted all the assets of our property and each one was carefully cropped and beautifully lighted. Because our property was unique in size for the area, I told Patty I wanted a shot from above. She even sent up a drone to get the most amazing photo shot of our house and yard showcasing our unique lot!! My husband was amazed and very impressed! Even he thought her marketing of our house was excellent!

She really did market our house perfectly. She had a plan of when to have the open house and how to get the most interested buyers excited. She followed up with all the agents and potential buyers. Within two days after the open house we had multiple offers. She pre-screened potential buyers and insured that they really had the funds and backing to complete the sale. There was a lot of back and forth for the next two weeks. We had multiple offers and many decisions to make. Patty answered every one of my phone calls and questions immediately. Within two and a half weeks of the open house, and with Patty’s help deciphering and vetting out the real offers we had an executed contract! The contract was only a percentage or two less than our asking price. With her helpful advice, we priced the house just right for the market and timing.

Six weeks later, we closed on the house. Patty helped with every step and any bumps along the way. She and her staff were always professional and were on top of it. She always answered my phone calls. She was always “marketing” our house and was on our side. She was everything we were hoping for in a realtor. She earned every penny of her agent fee. And that is saying a lot considering, in the beginning we even investigated just selling it buy owner. I have not seen her level of marketing on any homes in our area, except for maybe on the million dollar listings. In fact, I think she should be on Million Dollar Listings Miami, as her level of service and marketing expertise is first rate!

Just when you thought you can’t trust anyone these days (like I did). Here comes Patty Da Silva to help prove to you there are still hard working, honest, accountable professionals out there today. Amazing!! We are so thankful for all of her help.

Response from Patty on 11/22/2014

THANK YOU Alicia for such a great compliment, your words are thoughtful and kind. It was a pleasure to work with you in the sale of your Davie home. My goal is to always go above and beyond to give our clients the best experience possible, you deserve nothing less. Wish your beautiful family all the best in your new home.


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Christopher Green - Green Realty Properties REALTOR

No On Sells Homes More Intelligently

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Patty Da Silva Broker of Green Realty Properties – Billboard Advertising, Cooper City Billboard Advertising, Davie Billboard Advertising, Plantation Florida Home Listing Broker – Christopher Green, REALTOR – EVP – Manager and Buyer Specialist at Green Realty Properties – 954-667-7253

We List Homes for sale in Cooper City, Davie, Plantation Florida, Pembroke Pines, Southwest Ranches, Weston, Miramar, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood Florida and Miami.

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Patty Da Silva Real Estate Broker Realtor

 No One Sells Homes More Intelligently

Read our reviews from our past clients. In every way we out perform our competition.

When Patty Da Silva Lectures On Selling Homes ~ People Listen.

We strive everyday to be a well oiled listing machine providing superior service to our home sellers. From the moment Patty Da Silva begins her listing presentation to a home seller to the day your home is sold, every single step is planned out like a surgeon performing a critical procedure. Our company never stops improving. We pay extreme attention to detail and market trends. We provide proven strategy that ultimately yields the best and highest price for your home. Green Realty Properties is motivated to raise the bar with each and every one of our real estate transactions. We invest thousands of dollars in selling your home before we get paid at closing which is not the case with our competitors who practice under the veil of a corporate name. Our philosophy is simple, be the best. PERIOD!

When listing your home with Green Realty Properties Listing Broker Patty Da Silva, as our customer reviews will attest to, our clients are blown away or even speechless. Our photos are professionally taken with vibrant colors and staged to perfection (SEE GOOGLE SEARCH OF GREEN REALTY PROPERTIES PHOTOS HERE). Our MLS listing is hand crafted with true meaning, creative detail and with simple showing instructions. Our open houses are legendary with record breaking attendance (100+ buyers) because of our extremely powerful marketing plan that incorporates print media, 1-800 24 hour phone recording (Sample our 24hr phone technology featuring a recent closed sale in Lawson Isles, Davie FL: Dial 1-800-347-1828 Ext. 0340) and our massive internet media coverage (View Lawson Isles in Davie Florida’s Custom website:





New Providence East - Davie FL - 540 Greaton

Why list your home and pay a commission to a sloppy no attention to detail, horrible photo taking (photos with the toilet seats up, messy kitchen counters, trash cans and cars in the driveway), lack luster agent who doesn’t spend a marketing dime or the required time on your home. Why list your home with an agent that just depends on the MLS system alone to sell your home? Don’t list your home with a dinosaur agent who is living in the past.

List your home with a state of the art real estate firm that incorporates cutting edge technology with a high touch approach. YES, we still send handwritten cards to our clients, we just strive to live in the present day which equates to attracting more buyers and insuring the highest price possible for your home!

Green Realty Properties proven track record in second to none with expert Listing Broker Patty Da Silva at the forefront. Before listing your home with anyone else, you owe it to yourself to consult with Patty first. Thousands of dollars are on the line. Call Patty at 954-667-7253. It would be an honor to serve you.


Best Seller Tips: Before listing your home with a real estate agent, ask for examples of past listings including all marketing materials, all photos (some listing agents take only one horrible photo to intentionally stall the showing process to attempt to double side the sale of your home), website links showing marketing, video links, a few MLS sheets of closed sales (which are only seen by real estate agents that should be very detailed and have very simple showing instructions (some listing agents intentionally create confusing showing instructions in an unethical attempt to double side the transaction. BEWARE).

Make sure before listing with an agent you call their phone number a couple of times, once during the week and once on a weekend to see if they ever answer their phone or call you back timely (buyers of your home must be attended to immediately. That is why you are paying commission to a listing broker – No excuse. The phone must be answered.


**During your listing consultation, ask the listing broker what constitutes an acceptable offer? What the differences are between Pre-qualification  and Pre-approval letters. What must be present on a pre-approval letter. What a DU finding is and why it is important. Ask the listing agent how they earn their commission before the home is listed and after the home is listed and offers start coming in.


Davie and Cooper City Home Selling Tips - Green Realty Properties

We List Homes for sale in Cooper City, Davie, Plantation Florida, Pembroke Pines, Southwest Ranches, Weston, Miramar, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood Florida and Miami.

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